X-fiz 100 / X-fiz 130

Phase Shifting Fizeau Interferometer


    • innovative, high quality Fizeau interferometer with high resolution 1.3 MP camera
    • remote controlled and positioned, motorized zoom with 10X optical magnification
    • remote controlled an positioned, motorized focus adjustment
    • smart electronic attenuator with automatic saturation adjustment
    • highly rigid frame and robust opto-mechanical design ensure alignment is maintained when mounting and that alignment will be maintained over time
    • high quality piezo phase shifter with tip-tilt TS holder, compatible with Zygo style bayonet and XONOX 4+ Optical Connector
    • industry standard 632.8nm HeNe laser
    • 100mm (4”) and 132mm (5.2”) versions available, 5.2” version compatible with XONOX 4+ series TS objectives without need of optical connector
    • Smart Remote – innovative remote allows for quick selection of zoom, focus, and attenuation settings
    • Smart Maintenance Concept – innovative design concept allows for change of laser and electrical components within minutes; all without opening the sensitive optical area of the system. A laser change does not require a realignment and the process can be done with the interferometer still installed within the measurement platform
    • 1-interface Concept – industry standard USB 3.0 protocol used for all communications between computer and interferometer on a single cable
    • USB 3.0 Interface for access to all functions via software

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    TECHNICAL DATA X-fiz100 / X-fiz130

    Laser Source
    • 632.8 nm HeNe Laser / polarizied / class IIIA - 3R / 2mW output
    Versions 4"(100mm Aperture)
    • X-fiz 100 B - 4" (100mm) Fizeau Interferometer
    • X-fiz 100 ST - 4" (100mm) Fizeau Interferometer with X-fringe ST static fringe analysing system
    • X-fiz 100 PS2 - 4" Phase Shifting Fizeau Interferometer X-fringe2 PS phase shifting fringe analysing system
    • TS connection for all X-fiz100 Versions: 4“ Zygo type bayonet

    Version 5.2"(132mm Aperture)

    • X-fiz 130 B - 5.2" (100mm) Fizeau Interferometer
    • X-fiz 130 ST - 5.2" (100mm) Fizeau Interferometer with X-fringe ST static fringe analysis system
    • X-fiz 130 PS2 - 5.2" Phase Shifting Fizeau Interferometer X-fringe2 PS phase shifting fringe analysis system
    • TS connection for all X-fiz130 Versions: 5.2“ XONOX 4+ Interface with adapter to 4“ Zygo type bayonet
    • 1.3 Mpx, 8bit monochrome CMOS sensor, 210 FPS, shutter min 50µs
    Imaging system
    • 10x motorized zoom with positioning, +/- 3mm motorized focus with positioning
    Control panel
    • Wired remote controller with rotating positioning controllers for zoom, focus and contrast/attenuation


    • 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    Computer / Software
    • High performance DELL PC, 24" touch screen, 19" live image screen, WIN10 64 bit, X-fringe2 PS / X-fringe ST

    Dimensions (WxHxD) / weight

    • 310 x 285 x 530 (595 incl. phase shifter) / approx. 35kg


    • Light grey RAL 7035