PI 500

PI 500


  • precise vertical interferometer for testing flat optical components and plano multiple blocks
  • part holder with air bearing for easy movement of even heavy workpieces for fringe analyzing in different positions
  • tip-tilt unit for easy adjustment of fringes, integrated in moveable part holder
  • precision, vibration dampened measuring table made of natural granite in high flatness for comfortable analyzing in different positions without loosing fringes
  • adjustable interferometer height for setting best position for different workpiece thicknesses
  • XONOX X-fiz 100 (4") or X-fiz 130 (5.2") high performance Fizeau interferometer with electronic control of optical zoom (1x to 10x), focus and contrast
  • innovative, powerful and user friendly fringe analysis system X-fringe2 with different smart and intelligent modes to suit various applications
  • choose from low cost "ST" version with static fringe analysis up to high performance "PS2" phase shifting version
  • system can be equipped either with PC table, 2 screens, mouse and keyboard or with built-in PC and and touch panel for optimized operation and minimized space requirement in production environment
  • additionally available in a "tower only" version "B" for integrating existing or 3rd party interferometer units or version "Z" equipped with ZYGO Verifire and ZYGO MX fringe analysis software 

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  • up to workpiece diameter 500mm


  • PI500 ST with XONOX X-fiz 100 (4") / X-fiz 130 (5.2") with 10x optical zoom and static fringe analysis system
    XONOX "X-fringe ST" 
  • PI500 PS2 with XONOX X-fiz 100 (4") / X-fiz 130 (5.2") with 10x optical zoom, phase shifting fringe analysis system
    XONOX "X-fringe2" and piezo phase shifter XONOX "X-phase PMR"
  • PI500 Z with ZYGO Verifire 4" or 6" interferometer unit and Mx / MetroPro phase shifting fringe analysis
  • PI500 B "tower only" version for integrating existing interferometer units.
  • Optionally with XONOX fringe analysis system X-fringe ST or X-fringe PS2 with X-phase PMR phase shifter.


  • 800 x 900 x 2200 mm when using touch screen for fringe analysis (additional space required if PC is used for fringe analysis, XONOX PC-table optionally available)

  • approx. 750kg


  • 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz /Air pressure min. 6bar


  • Light grey RAL 7035