PI 500

PI 500

Plano Interferometer System

  • precise vertical interferometer for testing flat optical components and plano multiple blocks
  • part holder with air bearing for easy movement of even heavy workpieces for fringe analyzing in different positions
  • tip-tilt unit for easy adjustment of finger integrated in moveable part holder


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  • PI500 ST with XONOX 4“ Fizeau Interferometer, 6x optical zoom and static fringe analyzing system „X-fringe ST Plano“
  • PI 500 PS with XONOX 4“ Fizeau interferometer, 6x optical zoom, phase shifting fringe analyzing system "X-fringe PS Plano“ and piezo phase shifter XONOX „X-phase PMR“
  • PI 500 Z with ZYGO Verifire 4“ or 6“ interferometer unit and MetroPro phase shifting fringe analyzing system
  • PI 500 XL PS with XONOX 12“ Fizeau interferometer, phase shifting fringe analyzing system „X-fringe PS Plano“ and piezo phase shifter XONOX „X-phase PMR“ with integrated 12“ Transmission Flat
Working rangeup to workpiece diameter 500 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H)

800 x 900 x 2400 mm with using touch screen for fringe analyzing (additional space required if PC is used for fringe analyzing,  XONOX PC-table optionally available)

Weightapprox. 750 kg
Connections110-240 V / 50-60 Hz, compressed air: 6 bar
ColorLight grey RAL 7035
  • precision, vibration dampened measuring table made of natural granite in high flatness for comfortable analyzing in different positions without loosing fringes
  • adjustable interferometer height for setting best position for different workpiece thicknesses
  • XONOX 4“ Fizeau interferometer with 6x optical zoom or XONOX 12“ XL interferometer with integrated phase shifter and 12" Transmission Flat
  • Choice between cost efficient XONOX „X-fringe ST Plano“ static or high precision  XONOX „X-fringe PS Plano“ phase shifting fringe analyzing software and hardware
  • alternatively available equipped with ZYGO „Verifire“ interferometer (4“ or 6“) and „MetroPro“ fringe analzying