CT 200 / X-ct Software

CT 200

Center Thickness Measuring System

  • precise and robust contact measuring system for measuring CT on ground, polished and coated optics
 in production as well as in quality inspection

  • cost efficient design

  • automatic centering of lenses by innovative precision 3 jaw chuck system

  • simultaneous automatically moving, pneumatic driven probes touching upper and lower side of workpiece for direct CT measurement

  • easy, fast and safe setup and loading of workpieces

  • many times proven, absolutely risk free measurement of even most sensitive polished and coated workpieces with highest cosmetic requirements and made of most sensitive materials


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Working range50 mm travel of measuring gauges on different adjustable positions
Diameter range8 - 200 mm
Measuring systemdigital precision measuring gauge with 0.5µ resolution

Resolution: 0.0005 mm

Accuracy: ≦ 0.002 mm

Repeatability: 0.001 mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)460 x x300 x 650 mm (additional space required if PC is used for data transmission )
Weightapprox. 30 kg
Connections110-240 V / 50-60 Hz, compressed air: 6 bar
ColorLight grey RAL 7035
  • large measuring range from below 10 mm up to 200 mm diameter
  • with an optional expansion kit, measurements with a diameter from 8mm are possible

  • foot switch for easy and efficient series measurement of batches of optics

  • data transmission system and software interface for automatic documentation of measurements of complete batches

X-ct Controller Package for CT 200

  • direct readout of measuring data on screen
  • display for in / out of spec (green / red)
  • free choice of calibration reference in any form and size
  • automatic setup of all job- and specification data by
    choice: manually or via QR code reader from job sheet
    (code-job-sheet creation tool available from XONOX)
  • automatic creation of directory and files for batch documentation
    and measuring protocols, CSV export, automatic
    numbering and data handling of measured parts
  • choice between CT and SAG depth measurement
  • automated stock removal measurement and documentation
    for usage in polishing processes
  • can be retrofit on any existing CT200 (plug and play)
  • optionally available (recomended) with industrial
    all-in-one touch PC and QR code reader

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X-ct software